The exhibition “Sealed Destinies” is another of the contents of our hotel.

This exhibition will reveal to you the role of the Penitentiary in the period between the two world wars, but also reveal something more about the suffering of Serbs in that period.

The setting was made based on documented data. The idea is to show the Mitrovica penitentiary as part of a historical whirlwind that blew through Sremska Mitrovica, a historical giant from the very founding of the penitentiary in 1895 with all its specifics.

In the Museum, you can also see the original iron bed from the Mladic building, later the famous Third Pavilion, which was first a penitentiary for minors, and then there were mostly political convicts in it. There are also simulations of ordinary cells and solitary confinement, as well as a torture wheel from the time of Karadjordj.

Visitors can also see the original bougainvillea, gallows, and black cylinder, white gloves and a letter to the court for the payment of services, which was left behind by the state executioner, Roma of Czech origin Karel Dragutin Hart.

Admission is free for all our fellow citizens.