Information is taken from the official sources of The dates and schedule of festivals may change depending on the Legislatively regulated measures related to COVID-19. We will make updates as soon as they become available.

The festival of tamburitza music by youth orchestras has a review character.
Venue: Dobrica Milutinović Theatre, Sremska Mitrovica

The special nature reserve Bara Zasavica organises an event called Day of the Donkey, which takes place once a year at the SRP Zasavica Visitor Centre.
The event also includes a global competition in the preparation of donkey meat stew, which visitors can also taste, and the event was complemented by the promotion of donkey milk products.
Venue: Bara Zasavica Special Nature Reserve

International tournament in women’s gymnastics in which the participants of the categories Pioneer, Cadet and Senior take part.
Venue: School of Food, Forestry and Chemistry Sports Hall, Sremska Mitrovica

A sporting event held in May with the aim of promoting and developing motorbike sport. A traditional rock concert is held in the presence of several hundred two-wheeler enthusiasts.
The event was accompanied by a motorbike parade through the city and a series of competitive disciplines between motorcyclists.
Venue: Sremska Mitrovica

It was founded under the auspices of the city of Sremska Mitrovica. Today it is a recognised musical event and one of the leading cultural events in Sremska Mitrovica.
Thanks to this festival, which is a cross-section of the most important events on the music scene, as well as a series of concerts preceding the festival, Sremska Mitrovica has had the opportunity to host the following artists: Vlada Maricic – Romano Cubano feat Louis, Jazz Sense Quintet, Aleksandar Jacimovic Sextet, Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra, Vasil Hadžimanov Band, Jovan Maljoković Balkan Salsa Band, Di Luna Blues Band feat Big Band Horns, Blue Family, Pera Joe Blues Band, The Gamblers…
Venue: Croatian Home (former youth centre), Sremska Mitrovica

International festival of poetry by young poets. It allows young poets absolute freedom of artistic expression. The participants are primary and secondary school students.
Venue: Art Club, Sremska Mitrovica

Museum Night is a cultural event organised jointly by museums and cultural institutions, during which museums remain open late into the night (more precisely, from six in the evening until two in the morning). The common goal of such an event is to introduce individuals to cultural institutions, but also for the museums and galleries to present themselves in a slightly more entertaining and unusual way.
Venue: Museum of Srem, Sremska Mitrovica

Ponijada is a sporting, gastronomic and ethnographic event accompanied by a review of children’s folklore, ethnographic exhibits by the Women’s Association and an all-day gathering of children with pony horses.
Venue: House Cavic, Chalma

A traditional event of cultural and sporting character, which has been promoting the cultural and other values of the Srem region for many years. It takes place in the village of Fruska Gora in Grgurevci, near Sremska Mitrovica. In the evening, visitors can attend folklore festivals.
Venue: Grgurevci

The Festival of the Art of Speech is the oldest and most important of all festivals in Mitrovica. During the long series of years of the Festival of the Art of Speech, our most distinguished actors and outstanding speakers have participated in the revue: Miša Janketić, Svetlana Bojković, Gorica Popović, Petar Kralj and many others.
Venue: Sremska Mitrovica


Traditional economic and tourist event organised by the special nature reserve Bar Zasavica. Visitors can taste Mangulica products as well as buy fresh meat, greaves and processed products and taste the inevitable traditional cakes and enjoy them with srem tambourines.
Venue: Bara Zasavica Special Nature Reserve

This is a manifestation that complements the festive and New Year atmosphere and promotes unusual activities and skills, as well as cultural, artistic and tourist values. The programmes offered by the “Magic Square” are rich in content and are aimed at children of different ages, but also at adults. The patron of the New Year’s event is the City of Sremska Mitrovica, and the cultural institutions of Mitrovica are responsible for the organisation.
Venue: Ćire Milekića Square, Sremska Mitrovica


This year, the manifestation of gastronomic character will be held for the fourth time in the Srem village of Grgurevci. The aim of the event is to preserve and promote craftsmanship and intangible cultural heritage. It includes a competition for the preparation of the biggest bread, the most beautiful stand and the like.
Venue: Grgurevci 


The economic and tourist event Bostanijada traditionally takes place in the Srem village of Shashinci. Traditionally, there is also an exhibition of homemade handicrafts and cakes made according to old recipes. The central part of the event is the announcement of the heaviest melon and watermelon, a competition in shooting with a whip or eating watermelons quickly, preparing paprika stews, etc.
Venue: Šašinci 


A two-day music festival aimed at fans of good music and original sounds. It is a festival of non-established bands and different music genres, aiming to gather a large number of young people connected by music, but also promoting numerous bands from the region. Famous names of the Serbian music scene have participated in the festival: “S.A.R.S”, “Atheist Rap”, “Kanda, Kodza and Nebojsa”, etc.
Venue: Partizan, Sremska Mitrovica 


The International Folklore Festival, traditionally held in Sremska Mitrovica every year in the first half of August. The aim of the festival is to cultivate the culture and traditions of the people of the world through song, dance, music and costumes and to present them to the citizens and tourists of Sremska Mitrovica. The programme takes place on an open stage, with daily parades through the streets of the city.
Venue: Žitni Square, Sremska Mitrovica 


The motorbike rally organised by MC Exalibur will take place on the town’s beach, and admission is free. The organisers strive to give all fans of two-wheelers an unforgettable time.
Venue: City beach, Sremska Mitrovica 


The event is organised on the occasion of the 1780th anniversary of the birth of the famous Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus and more than 1700 years since he planted the first vine on his southern hand on the southern slope of Fruška gora, on Šuljamačka glavica.
Venue: Šuljamačka glavica 


An international wine festival held in Sirmium on the birthday of Emperor Probus, 19 August, in the complex of the Imperial Palace. The organiser is the Association of Wine Lovers “Marcus Aurelius Probus”.
Venue: Imperial Palace, Sremska Mitrovica 


In the Srem village of Šašinci, a gastronomic event called “Šašinački gvozdenjak” (a iron coin) is organised every year. Participants compete in the preparation of the cauldron, and the announcement and awarding of numerous prizes is followed by the moto meeting of the Moto Club “Paor” Šašinci.
Venue: Šašinci 

The gathering of Duke Stojan Čupic is a traditional event that maintains and includes ancient customs: Macvan springs and settlements, culinary competitions in the preparation of old Machvan dishes, painters’ bivouacs – exhibitions of paintings by Machvan and other painters, jousting games: Pulling a cob, jumping from a square, throwing a stone from a shoulder, fighting on a log, jumping over a tree stump, etc. – and the election of the Duke of Machva (for one year), with a sword as a reward, ducal assembly – various cultural and artistic programmes, song recitals, toasts, choral compositions, folklore performances by groups and associations from Machva and other regions, etc.
Venue: Noćajski Farm

The fair will be held two days. On the first day of the fair there will be expert lectures on the economics of pig breeding. Durig the fair day, the programme includes a tour of the exhibited animals, farm machinery and the judging of the best culls and boilers.
Venue: Kuzmin

The Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders “Sirmium” organises the “Shepherd Days” in Ležimir. In addition to the sheep and goat collections on display, visitors can also enjoy a rich cultural and artistic programme and taste sheep paprikash. The event will also feature a lecture on the topic: Sheep and goat breeds.
Venue: Ležimir 


The German Cultural Center “Goethe” from Sremska Mitrovica is hosting the gastronomy event “Strudelfest.” The festival is a competitive event that brings together more than 20 associations from across Srem. The Festival’s best strudels are tasted and rewarded. The top three places are rewarded, and hefty prizes are expected for those who prove to be the best masters of this delicacy. This year’s “Shrudelfest” will feature a wide art program, including appearances by a number of folklore ensembles and singing clubs. Visitors may enjoy the atmosphere as well as this hard-to-resist dessert during this all-day open-air event.

Venue: Ćire Milekića Square, Sremska Mitrovica